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We are a group of hardcore players from different gaming backgrounds, and we do have few games we love in common like Epic Seven, Another Eden, FFOO, Eternal City and much more.

Among some very good sites providing excellent guides and news on different games, we were still not fully satisfied about most tiers lists and the struggle to find in-depth characters review with stats requirements.

Also, it annoyed us deeply to see most of (new) players only following standards and meta recommendations, which annihilate totally the versatility of a game like E7: with the right stats and set up, many more unused or overlooked unit can shine across the metas.

So we took a lot of spare time to build that community platform (website/mobile/tablet friendly).

It allows any registered member in the comment section to share their pictures and videos with a simple click.

Here you can follow, post, promote and share in your comment section - from your mobile to any other social medias!

About Epic Seven: Most of us are playing since its KR release (both KR and GL accounts), and we rated each unit in trying them at level 60 with full skill up and gears in the right set up across all content of the game, as we all completed it.

Find our tiers list here.


Within a total point of 95, representing the overall use of a character only, we are considering the following:

- Arena Offense / Arena Defense (10 +10 = 20pts)

- Each Hunt 11 accordingly (4 x 10 = 40pts)

- Abyss & Raids (20pts)

- Farming (5pts): Based on the ability to solo clear NORMAL side-stories with fodders and +70 epic gears maxed.

- Guild Battle (10pts)

We have excluded a Boss rating for the simple reason there are many units non-DPS which are very efficient to tank or provide amazing team utility from the waves / minions to the Boss. So in front of a boss, any unit have its utility.

It took us countless hours to get here, and we're still working daily on website improvements and updates.


We are releasing content every day in our blog section, including our in-depth characters review -  to ensure you understand we are basing our work on facts and experience, not on"opinions" or "theory-crafting".

Bare with us for the typos and missing information here and there, as we are still working on it.

Feel free to share this page, join us and provide us your feedback and experience in the member section.

Have Fun ;)

GameNani Team

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